Gibeon Meteorite Rings

Signature Series - Titanium Ring with Dinosaur Bone, Gibeon Meteorite and two 14K Rose Gold Inlays

This Titanium Ring with Dinosaur Bone, Meteorite and Rose Gold pinstripes stands out from any other ring style out there. If you are looking for that unique ring this is the ring for you. You will wow everyone with this ring. 

The coloring is the result of impurities that were around in the surrounding sediment. 

Dinosaur Bone is scarce therefore Dinosaur Bone colors cannot be guaranteed as pictured when your ring is made.

The dinosaur bone used has an excellent pattern and the Gibeon meteorite has been etched with acid to reveal the crystal structure. There are also 2 bands of 14K rose gold inlay. A wonderful combination of quality materials. 

Genuine DINOSAUR leg bone.
From the Morrison Formation in Utah which covers 600,000 square miles over several states, found to be the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America. These specimens date back to the Jurassic Era, minimum 65 million years ago. It has petrified into stone as jasper and agate as it fossilized.

The inlay is entirely seamless, there is absolutely no joints. 

Dinosaur bone inlays must be a minimum of 2mm wide.

4 to 16, including 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes. All rings have a comfort fit.

ABOUT THIS RING: Total width 10 mm 

.5mm titanium

1mm rose gold

2mm dinosaur bone

3mm meteorite

2mm dinosaur bone

1mm rose gold

.5mm titanium

Pricing is a starting point. The size and width will determine the price. Please contact me for a quote.

We highly recommend that you get your ring size measured by at least 2 reputable jewelers that agree on the size as Titanium rings are not re-sizable.

Leave a note in the "Note to seller" box DURING CHECKOUT with your ring size and date needed. (Rush Deliveries are available for an extra fee)

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Contact me for special requests.
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Meteorite Rings


Unlike mass-produced rings, I make each ring one-at-a-time, as they are ordered. The result is lasting and timeless jewelry that is durable, personal and a delight to look at.

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